Don't wait for another big corporate crash. We should have full visibility of where and how our money is being used by 'trusted' organizations.
And that's just one of many use cases.
Traditional tech held all authority over your data in their database. Web3 let's you take back that authority, and it just got a lot more carbon…
Lessons learned from how Figma, the $10B+ design SaaS tool, built their community from the ground up and applying that for web3.
This tool kit will be of three parts—knowledge, mentors, and tools. Part 1 will focus on an overview of concepts and ideas about web3.
A mental model to identify three general user personas in the web3/blockchain/crypto movement.
A simplistic mental model on what's wrong with 'web3 gaming' today and how to fix it
Considering using tokens for your business? One way to thinking about it is the traditional loyalty points program. If that fits your business, then…
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M2W3 - Mental Models for Web3